Der Text zu Vincent rolls aus dem Film The Bus an Icon Der VW Bus eine Ikone

Und hier nun der Text zum Lied „Vincent rolls“

Vincent der T1 Camper aus dem Jahr 1965 mit dem Dave Manning schon gut 360.000 Meilen durch die USA getourt ist und der einer der Hauptdarsteller ist,  im Film von Damon Ristau:   „The bus an icon“


Vincent Rolls

Gave eight-hundred dollars to a man usin it for a pick-up truck
Gave me the keys and a handshake, and he wished me luck
Said don’t drive it further than you want to tow it home
I turned the keys, I put Arlo Guthrie on

You can get anything you want
Just gotta go down to Alice’s Restaurant
Theys words to live by when you aint got much bread
I turned some wrenches, I turned some heads

And Vincent rolls, yeah Vincent rides
Down a highway in the dark, under starry, starry skies
Teachin you the lessons you already had inside
Vincent rolls, Vincent rides, yeah he rolls

Too slow for the interstates, on the old two-lanes we’d run
Long ribbons of stories, chasin the western sun
Interstates are full of people pushin for a destination
In a hippie wagon, we aint got none and


Broke down in Kansas, broke down in Tenesse,
North Carolina, Indiana, Vancouver, BC
Skagway and Fairbanks, Wyoming, Kentucky
And a whole lotta time broke down in the Yukon Territory

Been broke down in Washington, Nebraska,
Saint Louis I forgot my jack
Change the engine in a front yard,
Change the axle in the back
Been broke down everywhere that the sky is blue
The only places I aint been broke down are the places that I aint been to, but


So if you see me sittin by the side of the road
Turning wrenches tryin to make my Vincent van go
Stop by and I’ll make you a cup of cowboy coffee
Pretty soon that van’ll be fixed and we’ll both have a new story, and



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